“You have been a major part of my progress as an athlete. I have come so far and finally achieved my goal of getting my podium finish.”

Michelle Blanchette

“Evan is incredibly knowledgeable in the world of fitness/nutrition /recovery. Working with him was not only insightful but he helped me craft a plan that worked to my abilities and helped to strengthen my weaknesses.”

Jake Jamilowski

“I asked him to help me with a particular obstacle…I picked it up in about 3 visits AND he helped me with the Spear Throw. I've only missed the Spear once in 7 races since he helped me. Highly recommended!”

John Maconi

Our Approach To Personal Training




Set goals

Targets that aren't aimed at are not often hit.
You already have goals. It's our job to help you realize, define, and achieve those goals.


Learn to train 

We believe in the concept of self-efficacy for long-term success.
We empower our 1-on-1 clients to understand sound training principles for lifelong success in a healthy


Start Low Go slow

Training isn't all about being strong. It's about getting stronger safely.
Working with our trainers 1-on-1 will ensure that you're progressing at an optimal rate.
Using technique barbells, technique plates, and fractional plates, we can begin loading barbell lifts 15-25lbs and increase by as little as .5lbs.



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Adult Personal Training

 Key features of personal training for adults

  • Unique facility housing a massive obstacle course and well-outfitted cross-training arena.
  • Unparalleled experience in strength training, injury management, and obstacle training.
  • Diet and lifestyle coaching utilizing your membership app.
  • Track your progress directly through your membership app. 

Kids and Teens Personal Training

Personal Training for kids can be a life-changing experience. 

Some advantages of Personal Training at our unique facility. 

  • One-on-one attention allows for kids under 16 to begin training with weights. 
  • Micro-loading allows for barbell movements to be taught starting at 25lbs.
  • Our learn-to-train approach sets your child up for a life of success.
  • Training is catered specifically to your child's strengths and weaknesses.
  • Weight training can improve your child's performance in other sports they play.